The Propel Baltimore Fund makes investments companies committed to headquartering in Baltimore City.

Target Investments

We’re investing between $250 thousand and $1.5 million in Baltimore’s best technology companies

Geography: Located in Baltimore City or willing to establish headquarters in Baltimore City
Investment Duration: Typically 5 years to exit or sale
Industry Focus: Technology companies that meet duration & business plan criteria
Stage of Development: Early revenue or have a product or service that can be evaluated for commercial readiness
Business Plan: High-growth, scalable, and capital efficient
Structure: Typically convertible debt or preferred stock
Involvement: Active minority investors; typically require a board seat
Style: Lead or value-added co-investor
Employment: Creates full-time jobs in Baltimore City with living wages and benefits

Investment Thesis

The severe undercapitalization of post-Series Seed companies in Baltimore City represents an attractive opportunity for investment.

The Propel Baltimore Fund addresses the critical need for more early-stage capital in Baltimore City. It is our belief that Baltimore-based business represent an attractive investment opportunity that, when proper due diligence is applied, can produce superior return on invested capital. We believe that Baltimore has a number of unique attributes that enable companies based in the city to thrive, including:

  • A high concentration of human capital, particularly in burgeoning industries such as education technology, healthcare, and cybersecurity
  • A wide breadth of promising technologies emerging from research universities and federal laboratories in the region
  • A number of unique state funding resources that mitigate risk by advancing technologies to commercially viable stages

We believe that these unique attributes present Propel with an opportunity to help encourage more entrepreneurial activity within Baltimore City, while also generating attractive returns for our investors.