The Veterans’ Opportunity Fund is a multi-stage venture capital fund that was formed to invest in veteran-owned businesses in need of growth capital.

Target Investments

We’re investing up to $3 million in high-growth veteran-owned companies.

Geography: East coast-focused
Industries: Technology
Stage: Early revenue or have a product or service that can be evaluated
Structure: Active minority investors

Investment Thesis

Businesses owned and managed by veterans of the U.S. Armed Services represent an attractive opportunity for investment.

Currently there are over 20 million veterans of the United States Armed Forces. It is our belief that veteran-owned business represent an attractive investment opportunity that, when proper due diligence is applied, can produce superior return on invested capital. It is our belief that the high growth business that have been started by veterans over the last five years suffer from lack of capital and other resources to accelerate their growth.

It is anticipated that the military will reduce its size over the coming years by as much as 30% of the current active duty and reserve ranks. It is the Fund’s belief that these mid-career veterans who had planned to retire from the military will now re-invent themselves and their careers in the commercial sector. We believe this downsizing presents an opportunity to help veterans and generate attractive returns for our investors.

Veterans Served Our Nation

Service in the United States military is a leading indicator of future success

Veterans are:

  • Highly skilled and trained
  • Taught discipline, respect for authority and teamwork; show initiative and creativity to “accomplish the mission”
  • Eager to make a contribution to the civilian economy
  • Committed to excellence, attention to detail, strategic planning, and focus on success.